Very serious, how do i contact HOTMAIL???!!!

we've had several threatening emails to a teacher at the school i work at. we are going to take legal action but cant get hotmail to do anything but "autoreply". does anyone have any idea how to get in touch with these bozos??? ive been trying for over a week.

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  1. if you enable full headers on the email the local authorities can trace back the ip from the headers it was sent from and take appropriate action

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  2. yeah, hats what the auto reply says but no one knows what that means. the email was fwd to me from the teacher... do i have to go to her cct and do this? i tried doing that header thing but got no response.

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  3. Dunno if this will help but ....
    1. Log into ur tutors Hotmail account
    2. Click the "options" tab
    3. Under the "Additional Options" heading
    4. Click "Mail Display Settings"
    5. Under the "Message Headers" paragraph, set the option to
    "Full", this option is used for tracing messages.
    6. When your tutor recieves his/her next email, you will be able to extract the "IP" address in the header.
    7. Send the IP and the harrassing emails to your ISP or abuse dept (if you have one)
    8. The last step of course is ... get your tutor to change his/her email.

    o well ...good luck

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  4. well, we use outlook, but i'll try that. it was sent from a hotmail acct to her outlook school acct. thanks....

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  5. The one problem you may face while trying to trace the e-mail through the header is that the person may be smarter than that. It's easily possible to 'spoof' the e-mail address and sender, so it may not be from a Hotmail account at all. Not only that, but Hotmail was hacked some months ago and a lot of account info was compromised, which means it would be even easier to fake such a thing.

    I agree with going after such things, but it doesn't sound like you're technically up for that. Turn the evidence over to police or FBI for further action.
  6. yeah, i dont know much about email, but we did get the "unspoofed" email address and ip, so i think we're in good shape. i just dont understand the "header" stuff as far as fwding to hotmail. i thought i did it right, but i havent heard anything from them in a week.

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  7. Yes, I don't think you understand quite the load you're under. It's possible to spoof ALL of an e-mail header. I was 'educated' by the abuse department of a major ISP. I woon't go into the whole thing, but even ISP's don't really have a shot at tracking down someone online. Now, most of the messages one gets plastered with are simply meant to annoy, but threats, especially those backed up with details, are more serious. Please! Turn this stuff over to the police and let them deal with it. That's what they get paid to do.

    If you're really dumb enough to try to follow up on threats yourself, then send copies of all the letters (as attatchments) to I assure you that they'll say the same thing I have, but I'll let them nail it shut for you.
  8. well, i really wouldnt consider myself dumb. as i explained, i tried sending all this stuff to the abuse@hotmail address but kept getting autoreply's and when i sent the email with headers etc, i got no response at all. thats why i posted here.

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  9. The best thing to do is change her email addy .... u gotta thing for your tutor??? sorry lol ...just diversing... I go with what everyone else has said... forget it.. change it ...move on...

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