Which 1 is better Dell Latitude D800 or Acer 803Lc

I have been doing some search on the notebooks for a while, and i'm look for a NB that have a good Graphic card...after i read the report on the ATI MR 9600, i think it would going to take a while to get on to the NB companies. but i can't wait any longer...for the 128MB graphic card NB.....i think i have to stick with 64MB's Graphic card....
after i read the report on the Acer 803Lci, i found out the HD is bit slow on the rpm...and i also considered the Dell D800, it has a PCI d/duck with it i think...where could be useful, but i don't know which one is better to spend the money on....can anyone give me some other NB suggesions???

(sorry about the bad English...)
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  1. There are other posts on this message board that address your question. Read them. I would recommend the D800 over the Acer.


    Who's General Failure and why's he reading my disk?
  2. I have great luck with my C400 and would definetly consider getting another dell.
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