Hi all. Sorry if this is too vague or silly but it is causing me problems.

I have just installed Klipsch HD 500 5.1 driven by a TX-SR607. I have a HTPC and a BD player also. My difficulty is that the amp is shutting down (presumably to protect from severe overload) when the volume is turned up. Now, understand, I am not talking about driving everything at full volume at all. Just slightly louder than normal volumes. This occurs on all the inputs, BD, PC and CD. Loud passages shut the amp down.

My house was pre-wired for surround speakers and the gauge of the wire is less than the gauge I am using to come out of the wall(pre-wired terminal) and going to the amp. Could this be a problem? I have checked all connections to ensure phasealso.

Any thoughts?
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  1. Is your amp rated for 8 ohm, or 6 ohm speakers. I have a similar question that I am waiting for an answer. Your amp may be shutting down because the speakers are not the same ohm. Are your speakers all the same ohm?
  2. Thanks for the thought but, yes, the speakers are 8 ohm and that is what the amp is set for.
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