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hello, i am looking for a 15.6 inch laptop that is fairly light and portable, and has alot of hours unplugged.
so far in my research i have come up with the Lenovo U550 and the ASUS UL50AG-A2.
which one would you recommend me, or maybe another laptop?
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  1. it will serve as an all around laptop (no gaming), but i still want it to not be slow (no celerons or pentiums)
  2. What is a 'lot of hours unplugged', and what kind of power will you need?

    I hear some of the eee pc's have ~10 hours battery life, but they are gutless and have tiny screens.

    The cheapest macbook has a claimed 7 hour battery life. Based on my experience you can usually get pretty close to those numbers. They have also come down in price a LOT and the specs are respectable.
  3. it has to be a 15.6 (or a 15.4) and at least 6 hours of battery life.
  4. anyone?
  5. The Macbook pros are 15.4 also with 7 hour batt life. You are however paying a LOT more.
  6. Did you ever have a laptop made by Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony, Gateway, etc ? No you haven't cause they don't make laptops. All but a very few brands that you have heard of don't actually build what they sell. The laptops are made by ODM's or Original Design Manufacturers.

    You can cut out the middleman by buying direct from an ODM distributor

    I'm in US and use a Clevo distributor
  7. I have the U550, Core 2 Duo version from Newegg. Love it, but you're not getting 6 hours out of it, unless you turn the screen down all the way and the wifi off. 4+ hours more like it. Lightning fast speed, no downside that I can see to this point.
  8. Clevo Asus and Msi only laptops I actually trust because they are the actual people that make their laptops. I go with Jack
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