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Where is the hard drive in dell 2400

I have taken out the power pack, but I am trying to reconize the hard drive? I am trying to remove it to put in an incloser.
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  2. Thank you, found it
  3. Great!

    Wear an anti-static wrist strap before you work on the inside of any computer!
  4. Will do, Thank's
  5. Keep in mind that it is an IDE (PATA) hard disk. And, on this computer, 250 GBs is the max capacity that the motherboard will support (per Dell).
  6. My old computor crashed, so I have taken the hard drive out and installed in external case and pluged into my other computor. So far I am not getting anything out of my external hard drive. Any ideas?
  7. Try it in a different computer. If the external case has USB 2.0, try a different port. Check to see whether the HDD is spinning when power is applied.

    If the HDD is ok, then check 'Device manager' in the Control Panel. It is possible that the old computer failed due to th hard disk failing. Check out these possibilities one by one.
  8. Thank's I will try that.
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  10. Thank you!
  11. make sure the little jumper on the hard drive is set to Cable Select and if that doesnt work try
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