JAMO 6 ohm rear surround speakers

I have a Sony 7.1 STR-DE897 receiver connected to my 52 inch HDTV via component + digital optical cables. Also connected to this receiver are 1 x 8 ohm center speaker and 2 x 8 ohm front speakers. I have just bought 2 x 6 ohm JAMO rear surround speakers that will arrive on Feb 3. Will these 6 ohm speakers work with my system without damaging my receiver or the JAMO speakers?
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  1. The lower impedance should give you slightly greater volume. The risk is that speakers' impedance varies with frequency so it may drop below 6, which might put extra stress on the receiver. Solution is to take it easy with the volume.
  2. Thank you Fihart. I contacted SONY and they tell me that the 6 ohm speakers will do no damage to their receiver. Jamo told me exactly what you said...be careful with the volume and you should be okay. Since I run my reciever volume at 50% or below, everything should be fine.
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