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Hi. I recently got my hands on a 1967 Williams Apollo pinball machine and have been trying to get the thing restored. I have struggled with faults on the electronics and have removed, stripped and cleaned everything in the back box and under the playfield. I still have the thing doing something different every time I switch it on. It is also refusing to reset. Can anyone give me a steer or tell me where to find a wiring diagram. Im about to use it for fire wood. Clive
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  1. If you are serious about getting it restored, the best restorer in the nation is in Philadelphia. Look at pinrescue.com. If you have no desire to restore it, then contact me or pinrescue.com (I am a collector). My name is Dave and you can contact me at zoomdrm57@hotmail.com. I have no commercial interest in pinrescue.com - I have never even met them in person, but at every pinball show that I go to, they do the most cost effective restorations that I see at the shows.
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