Chasis Intrusion Fatal Error Message On Boot Up Screen & System Halts

Iam Getting A Chessis Intrusion Message On Bootup, It System Halts On Boot Up Skreen Saying Chasis Intrusion Fatal Error. Kan Anyone Explain Or Assist? I Have Put Up A Video Of The Artifacts Iam Getting Also. See It Here....

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  1. Either your case door is not properly shut or you have put the cable for it on your mobo wrong.

    Either way there will be a bios option to disable it.
  2. My dear Friend Kan U Not Give Just A Formal Answer, It Means nothing, Do Read What I Asked And Also See That Video, Its Only 40 Secs Long So U Will Understand More Klear. There Is Something A Miss Here. Does Anyone Think that Maybe The Metal Pegs That Are Between The Chasis And Motherboard should Have Those Red Kardboard Rings Between Them And The Motherboard? See This Picture (Jpeg) For Details...

    This Is The Pegs....

    This Is The Red Kardboard Rings....

    Please Read Karefully Before Giving A Pethetik Rhetorikal Answer That Means Naught. Thank U And Please Dont be Offended. Perhaps You Are All Giving Empty Answers Bekause It Klokks Up Your Skores In Profile. But Kommonnnnnnnnnn Folks Have A Problem Here.
  3. Okay, so I didn't watch the video and you can keep that second *** off of here.

    The pictures you posted are standoff's and there is nothing wrong with having the insulating washers in between. I am not sure if modern keyboards need them or not.

    Artifacts could be caused by bad ram.

    I answered part of your question. be grateful for that.
  4. Now This Is Better My Dear Brother, Your Answer Makes Sence But I have Replaced Every Single Opponent with a Brand new One, RAM Be It Or CPU, Everything I Have two ro Threes Of Bekause Of Replacing Them Thinking That Might Be The Faulty Komponent Kausing The Problem. My Dear Brother These Artifakts Are Appearing On Both My Brand new System And The old One. Its Not The Komponents. Perhaps If U Know That What Is The Powercord Ampage Needed For A PSU 750Watts Or 850 Watts (Iam Using A Power Cord With 10Amps Fuse).

    PS: I Dont know Why U Said Something Foul about The Link I Gave You, The Pik in Your Profile Is Of A Muslim In Hijjab. Are You Aware Of That? Well See This Picture My Dear Brother...

    And My Dear Brother If You Do Have Some Spare Time Then do Go Visit This Page, It Shall open Your Eyes Big Time. At Least See The First Video U see Of jesus (Peace Be Upon Him) Unless The Truth Skares U. May Allah Bless You My Dear Brother. Peace And Thank You Again. :hello:
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