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Hi there,

I was wondering whether there was a way to get my Sound Output (i.e. what I hear through the speakers) to be fed into my Microphone Input feed without the use of an actual microphone. Is there something I can set in my Recording Devices properties or is there software that can emulate this for me? Any help would be appreciated. :D

Thanks in advance...
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  1. go to google and type in stereo mixing

    this will enable u to record any computer sounds, or any source played on the comoputer, while recording anything with ure mic, such as ... voice...
  2. Thanks, I already have that enabled however, I don't really want to record anything I want to... stream it. For example, I want to be able to, say, start an audio chat with someone on MSN and for them to be able to hear whatever is on my computer/coming out of my sound card.

    Is there some kind of microphone emulation software because I can't find any.
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