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I am going to order a new lap top soon with a Blu Ray player in it.
It comes with a 17.3' HD 900p Bright LED Display with TrueLife inlcuded in the price.
I also have the option to choose the 17.3 Full HD 1080i Bright LED Display with TrueLife for an extra $150.
Both have HDMI output.

Now my question is ...
Will the 900p Lap top when connected to my 46' LCD TV only be in 900p or will it play in 1080i as my TV displays in.
Do i have to get the Lap Top for extra $150 that's 1080i to get a 1080 picture when connected to my LCD TV via Hdmi?

Or is this 900p that's included in the price of the Lap Top just for the Lap Top screen itself & when connected to my TV play in 1080 ???

All I know is that my LCD TV plays in 1080i.
I want a Lap Top with Blu Ray, so I can use it for both a computer & Blu Player connected to my TV.
Lap Tops come with a display of 900p or for extra in 1080p.
None specify whether that this just for the screen it comes or for both hdmi output as well or not.
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  1. You only need to check the video card output max resolution, if you know for sure your tv support 1080i. Your monitor resolution doesn't matter. As long as video card can output not less than 1080i, you are good to go. But, you need to take note that, because of BD copy protection scheme, as far as I know, you are not allowed to output directly to TV. The only work around I can think of is to rip it first and then play the resulted mkv file from players.
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