Bad noise with MSI K8N NEO4 onboard audio

Hi, i posted this in the mobo section as well.

SO far, noone has been able to help me, MSI, retailer and pretty much everyone i know who knows anything about computers.

Heres my new rig
Mobo, see title
Athlon 64 3000
Leadtek 6800 gt
2 x 512 OCZ plat
ide HD

Problem: I can hear weird noises in my headphones or speakers, faint and constant, volume control doesn't affect them. Scratchy noises when i move the mouse, when a menu is minimzed (moved down), HD being accessed, even faint beeps sometimes.

Example, im downloading stuff throught some program, whent he window is up, i hear a constant scratching noise, kinda like heavy rain falling on a wooden roof, when the program is minimized, its gone. I tried the latest drivers for my onboard audio, then went back to CD-rom version, and back again...nothing. Tried disabeling the onboard audio in bios...still does it. Its as if the ausio out jack picked up every single noise made by every parts of my pc, even when i download, as if the data coming in made noise...

I get audio glitches in some games as well,
In battlefield 2, i hear scratching in sound at some point.
In Dawn of War, the music is distorted.

I know getting a separate card would probably solve this, i hope, but id like to know if i have a faulty mobo...
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  1. Interference of the sort you mention is a common problem with integrated audio and you should not take it as a symptom of a underlying defect in the motherboard.

    If you think your system isn't 100% stable run memtest 86 and prime 95 (at priority 10) and see if you get any errors.
  2. That sounds like the common symptoms of a onboard motherboard sound card. Because of its integration with the rest of the circuit board, it is susceptible to noise and interferance. The only way to completely remove it is to go for a separate sound card.

    BEFORE YOU FORK OUT there is a way to reduce the noises from the headphones. In the volume control check the following:

    - In the Microphone slider go to the advanced options and ensure that Mic 2 isn't turned on (Mic 2 is the option for the front microphone connector). If you don't use the microphone then turn it all the way down and mute it altogether.
    - Ensure that Line in is turned down and muted (this I found is reponsible for the squeals and stuff)
    - Ensure that CD Audio is turned down and muted (this strangely enough provided "tape hiss" style noise with the onboard audio chips I have dealt with)
    - Ensure that any other sliders are turned down and muted except for the following: Wave, MIDI/SW Synth/Synth/Whatever your soundcard refers to MIDI as, Master Volume/Play Control/Whatever your soundcard refers to the Master Volume control as.

    The less sources you have turned on, the less interferance you have through your headphones.

    If you use the front panel connector to listen to your soundcard through your headphones, then just use the back stereo out socket if your cable will reach - this socket gives less noise than front panel sockets.

    If after the above you cannot remove the noise then it looks like a separate card is the only way. With regards to the games problem, a separate card is the only way or check the games website for a patch.

    Hope this helps, let me know the results! :)

    PC Spec: AMD Athlon XP 2000+, ECS K7S5A Motherboard, 768MB SDRAM PC133, Sparkle nVidia Riva TNT2 M64 32MB AGP Graphics Card, Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 6.1, Windows XP
  3. 'Interference of the sort you mention is a common problem with integrated audio and you should not take it as a symptom of a underlying defect in the motherboard.' = 100% true

    **had the same problem with realtek hd audio**
    snap! crackle! pop ! gizzz! didididi!

    Plugged back my sb live from previous system. :roll:
  4. Hi, I've had the same prob with my HP Pavilion a705w XP SP2. When I did a system restore to the months before it started, that solved it for me. However, it's started again after a few months passed.

    You can setup your Master Volume to display all the volume controls, then turn the speaker volume all the way up so you know if any sounds have quit or lowered. Then mute the Microphone to stop the mike hiss; mute the Aux/Line In 2 to "lower" the sound level raindrop patter and muting Phone Line does this too. Funny thing ... muting the PC Speaker does NOT stop the sounds, but turning off the speakers stops it... go figure.

    Now after muting the 3 above, I can barely hear any popping, dropping, drumrolls but it's still there. At least it's not very loud anymore. I tried muting every single input listed and STILL the noise continues. Muting the 3 above helps a lot: Microphone, Phone Line and Aux/Line In 2.

    If you can restore to a point before the problem started, try that too.
  5. The sound whenever I move my cursor/mouse sounds like a fly buzzing trapped by the window trying to get out.

    You expand the sound control through Options in Master Volume.

    Also, you can setup your computer to make many noises whenever it does a specific action by going to Control Panel, Sounds and Audio Devices, and selecting the Sounds tab. There you'll be able to select the Sound Scheme and the Program Events. Sound Scheme offers two selections: Windows Default and No Sounds. (No Sounds does NOT help the buzzing stop but it does eliminate sounds like when you empty the Recycle Bin or a pop-up is blocked). When you select a program event, like Close Program, it populates the Sounds box at the bottom with choices; everytime you navigate it can make any of the sounds you choose. Choosing No Sounds sets them all to None, good for testing your problem.
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