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I have a TOUCHTUNES MAESTRO COMPUTER,TUNE CENTRAL & HARD DRIVE can I use this with out the internet. I'm using in a home bassment bar for home made jukebox any help out there
init halt can not load sound card drivers
thanks vinnie
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    Hey Vinnie, I work on TouchTunes jukeboxes. This error is caused because of a sensor located on the light board that is in a Maestro jukebox. I was testing a few computers myself and every computer came to the same error at the same place, "Cannot load sound card drivers" I know this sounds stupid, but the computer will not continue to boot unless it gets a signal from a temperature sensor on the light board.
  2. That is good to know. Do you have a fix for this or is there a simple temperature sensor that could be added to simulate the lightboard temperature? Maybe a Temperature Thermocoupler that works with resistance and can send a low volotage to the board! If you have seen the sensor on thr light board it should have a part number and we would be able to buy from digikey and do some testing. Thanks for your input. Happy New Year: Vinnie
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  4. I don't know if it is possible to "trick" the computer into recognizing the temp sensor. The next problem though is going to be whether you have an IO board for the jukebox. The same cable that runs to the light board also runs to the IO board. And if you do have an IO board you need what is called an iButton. I don't mean to be the bearer of bad news, but even if you have all of these parts, once the jukebox is completely booted, you will get an error that it has been disabled. All TouchTunes jukeboxes are designed to be used commercially. Companies such as the one I work for are called "operators" and are the only ones that are able to operate the jukeboxes. They need to be connected to the internet, either by phone or broadband, but the iButton hold the registration information for them and if it is no longer registered to an operator then it will not work.
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