TV OK, PC to TV fine except when playing DVD's

I just upgraded my Living room TV from a Samsung 32" 60Hz 720p LCD to a Sharp Aquos Quattron 46" 1080p LED-LCD.

In both cases I am using the TV as a monitor for an HP Media Center m8530f Desktop PC with an Nvidia Geforce 9300 GSO hybrid Sli video card on the HDMI output.

In the TV everything worked fine: TV, PC games, Internet, internal DVD player on PC.

In the new TV, cable reception is fine, PC games are fine, Internet is fine.

When I try to use the internal DVD player on the new TV, it goes nuts: greyscreen/snow, flashing display, sporadic buzz on the sound, etc until I either can shut the media payer down or shut the whole PC down.

What in the world is going wrong here?

I also dropped a note on the "Graphic car" forum about this, too.
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  1. I fixed it. HP had the virtualization disabled as a default in the bios. Apparently this reduced the support for the 9300 GE graphics card to the point it couldn't drive Media Center DVD play at the higher resolution of the new TV.
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