Weird keyboard laptop issue. Keyboard randomly stops functioning until

Weird keyboard laptop issue. Keyboard randomly stops functioning until I standby. Hi all. I have already posted this once here. The topic had quite a few views and not a single reply. I'm giving this another try, as the problem persists and is not getting any better.

The keyboard on my Aurora m9700 is having some strange issues. I cannot figure if it is software or hardware related, either. At random intervals, the keyboard will cease function. But when I go into standby, then come out of standby the problem seems to be magically fixed! In fact, the problem just happened right after I finished typing the last sentence. I checked event manager, nothing changed. I had to go into standby and come out of it...

So please, is there anyone on here that can help me out? I have reformatted the computer since this started happening and nothing has changed, so I do not know what could possibly be causing this!
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  1. Sounds like it may be an internal issue. However, you could try disabling the keyboard in device manager and restarting. Upon restart the keyboard will re-install. Either that or try and update the driver. If none of those options do the trick, it is probably hardware related and needs to be repaired.
  2. I tried uninstalling, I took the keyboard out, made sure the connection wasn't loose, checked the drivers and cannot find anything as to what drivers are used--how do I check to see what the model/driver I have is for my keyboard?
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