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I am looking to buy a 1080P DLP TV and would like to know if any one has hooked a PC up to one. I'm looking at buying a ATI radeon x800 xl all in wonder video card so that I can use the PC as a DVR. I am looking at buying Mitubisti WD-62927 TV. I just wanted to know if anyone has had any success as using one of these TV's as a computer display. I would be nice if i could the TV for playing games.


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  1. 1080P? W00T! Yes, it should work fine, several people have come in here to ask the same question and found out that HDTV's work fine with video cards.

    I don't know if ATI is still recommending against it, but the best cable would be DVI, if your TV has it. If your TV uses HDMI, there are DVI to HDMI adapter cables available.

    The next step down would be Component Video.

    Most TV's only go so far as 1080i (not p), and with video cards 720p may offer a better picture (due to interlacing issues). But if yours offers 1080p, way to go!

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  2. Oh, I forgot something...DVI would require Dual-Link for 1080p resolution, I'm not certain if Dual-Link to HDMI cables are available and don't know who sells an X800 XL with Dual-Link.

    Dual Link is a DVI cable with twice as many conductors for delivering higher resolutions. Once again, you might be limitted to 720p, or be forced to use component video.
  3. Yes your right HDMI will only do 720p. The Mitubisti models with the built in DVR have 15pin PC connections so you can get full 1920x1080 with 60Hz refresh. The samsumg model has the PC connection also and you don't have to buy the more expensive version with DVR. I'm still waiting for both of them to come down in price.


  4. I was looking at a Samsung wide tube flatscreen HDTV a few years ago, it had a VGA connector. I don't remember the size, it was somewhere around 38"
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