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Hi, I've just signed in...and I 'd like to ask you...What would you recommend me to buy? An AMD cpu or P4?(or even celeron) . I like the quality/cost to be close to 1 or even more :)...BUT i dont care for overclocking or for hours and hours of settings...
I already have PIII933 and AMD1.4 and I am more satisfied with the PIII....
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  1. Curious, what leads you to be more satisfied for the slower P3?

    AMD technology + Intel technology = Intel/AMD Pentathlon IV; the <b>ULTIMATE</b> PC processor
  2. i personally like the PIII better than the P4...
    anyways...i think you should go with an athlon xp simply because it is a better/faster processor when compared to the P4. an athlon xp 1600+ (which is clocked at 1.4 ghz) is faster than a 2.0 ghz P4 which is clocked at...well...2.0 ghz.
    not only that...a 2.0 ghz P4 costs about $400 (US dollars of course) and the xp 1600+ costs about $150 (thats less than half the price of a 2 ghz P4).

    :mad: <A HREF="" target="_new">P4 + SDRAM</A> = <b>BAD</b> :mad:
  3. Everything about AMD is great, and of course.. I suggest you go with an AMD processor. HOWEVER, what you want to avoid is Via chipset based motherboards. Unfortunately most AMD's mobo are Via-based, and that's the only complaint I have against them.
  4. IMHO, THE BEST motherboard for the Athlon XP is the Iwill XP333! It's fast, rock-solid and highly overclockable!

    AMD technology + Intel technology = Intel/AMD Pentathlon IV; the <b>ULTIMATE</b> PC processor
  5. JESUS MOTHER OF GOD.... How many times does this questions need to be asked and answered? Can't you do a search and read up on the previous thousands of replies and questions?

    <b>Assumptions are the MOTHER of all screw ups</b>
  6. lol yep.

    the golden rules should be:

    1. Read, Search THEN post
    2. dont ask "whats better amd or intel?"
    3. we really mean #2.
    4. please dont forget rule #2!

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    - Seek
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  7. To be honest sometimes I wonder if some people ever read a THG article before coming to an unknown foreign forum!
    Not this guy, but some peeps are really looking like they came outta nowhere!

    The other day I heard an explosion from the other side of town.... It was a 486 booting up...
  8. thank you for the concern but I was specific and I didnt ask generaly. So , if I am about to read 100 posts about Intel and AMD talking about EVERYTHING related to those CPUs I'd rather ask ONLY for what I am interested in :)..
    so the big deal is this...
    I care for quality AND not VERY expensive solution ...BUT with NO many settings and other needs...of course I dont care about overclocking etc etc etc...
    I dont care if AMD or INTEL is better generally...I only asking for the best choice for me :)...
    If someone doesnt like to answer I dont have a problem..but If you react for the 'type' of the question..then it's your problem :)......
    Anyway...thnx everyone for the concern...I will probably buy an AMD XP ....unless someone changes my mind :)))
  9. about the slower PIII :)...
    i.PIII is more stable..until now...:)..much more stable (I mean in my PC...not generaly)
    ii.The programs I use and the Games rarely need more than 800Mhz and 256M ram :) so ...even if you have 3.0ghz CPU...the difference will be small...(I always mean in win2k and for the programs I use...)
    iii.PIII is warming....much much much less :)...
  10. AMD XP good choise, go for it and never change your mind.........AMD XP 1600+ or 1700+ with mainboard Soltek, Epox, Soyo or Asus will be nice (all of them are good but have different options, choose the one you want), ddr ram 256m PC2100 (crucial, micron, corsair) will be enough (512mb better), average graphic card Geforce 2 TI is good too...........thus you will have very good computer and will be glad with it

    wish if there was UnDo in the life
  11. a hard question... cauz most have specific desires.... and budgets.

    at them moment i would have to say amd has the bull by the horns. while it may not be the fastest cpu in an absolute sense, it is the best all rounder, and at an attractive price.

    The only loyalties i have is to Performance, Cost
    Reliability and the Truth.
  12. AMD has it's positives as well as INTEL has it's own. The best way they have tested the CPU's is by 3D Mark and other 3D Softwares such as games, for this pupose AMD is great it's cheap and has high performace, however INTEL works better on software like data bases and so on.

    For my test i did it by eye comparesons:
    1) GTA3 Works Better on AMD (1.53) than INTEL (1.8) GeForce MX 440 was used
    2) A small insignificant program was done on VISUAL BASIC.
    the way it worked. THE TIMER WAS set to 3sec and an object had to from left to right of screen. The program was Done on INTEL SO timing was perfect a sound was made right at the point when object finished it's run. Next, AMD turn, comparing with INTEL the sound was made just few milli-seconds before object finished crossing the screen, meaning AMD's object moved slower...

    you must be thinking now... ("?")
  13. There is no real difference that's gonna matter a damn to someone who just hooks it up and uses it...

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  14. LOL
    a Thunder bird 1.4 that you own or a AXP 1600+ there not even 5% gain maybe 10% vs your P3 and satbility issue dont have change.

    Dont buy a new compute you will lose your cash

    [-peep-] french
  15. This post was over a year ago............
    Did someone get nostalgic?

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