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Hello, I need to know if I just got ripped off. I sold a gateway to a Computer pro store, as they checked it out there was a sense that I was being ripped off. Was a relatives Gateway pc GT4016 s/n gcm6311003349 AMD 2.2GHz 1GB 200GB GeForce 6100 DVD_RW XP MediaCenter COA I got $30?????
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  1. You sold it for about a third of the value. I would value it at about $100-$110 but thats just off the top of my head and Google shopping so it wont be exact.
  2. Looks like a decent entry level PC, and should be worth used at least $100. I do not trust 'trade-in' values because the difference would be added on to the cost of the new merchandise.
  3. If you sell it to a store, that is about what you would expect. You can sell that on your own for 2-3 times that. You may have gotten 50 for it, but not over that.
  4. Exactly. You didn't get ripped off from the store. They paid an appropriate percentage for their risk and time. Just like a car, you can sell it to the dealership for cheap or private party for more.
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