Tascam us-428 windows 7

Recently purchased my US-428 and trying various trial software to decide which is
simplest to suit my needs of spoken word and effects recordings. Cubasic is recommended in owners manual. As I research, it seems that all software has advanced to encompass many more features than I need. My main desire is to have the best software to use US-428 to it's fullest.

I am using Windows7 and must turn off US_428 before shutting down.

Thank You,
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  1. Hola tengo una Tascam US-428 de interfaz,
     y trabajar bien con Adobe Audition 3, puede ver algunas de mis videos en youtube mirar para mí, como creativoxpro
    , pero tengo una pregunta para usted, donde puede ver el controlador para Windows 7? , Yo uso Windows XP.
    Enrique / / locutor de radio y productor de
    Sinaloa, México
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