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Shim installed wrong on CPU

Last response: in CPUs
December 26, 2002 1:32:35 PM

I have an AMD Athlon 1400 CPU and ECS K7S5A mobo. I had to replace my HSF/fan yesterday. When I installed the new one, I also used a copper shim. I installed the shim incorrectly, so that the holes in the shim were not over the contacts? on top of my AMD Athlon CPU. So, the shim covered all of these contacts when I powered on. With the heat sink and shim in place incorrectly, the PC would not boot nor even power on. I found my mistake and installed the shim correctly. Now the PC tries to boot (the power supply fan kicks on, the hard drive spins up, but no video and no further action.

Did I trash my CPU or motherboard by installing the shim incorrectly and shorting something out?
December 26, 2002 2:11:56 PM

Dead CPU.
December 26, 2002 2:40:20 PM

sorry about the death pal, but say no to shims.

stop reading this!
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December 26, 2002 4:11:12 PM

say yes to shims, say no to tards that refuse to read the instructions.

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December 26, 2002 4:35:58 PM

Say no to shims is right! The core of the CPU is the only part that gives off heat. Shims give no themal advantage and can even diminish the pressure applied to the core by the HSF.

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December 26, 2002 4:53:50 PM

If a shim diminishes the pressure, then there is less chance to actually crack the die, isn't there?
December 26, 2002 5:20:30 PM

shims are not for thermal advantage, they are for people that move their pcs around a lot and have big heavy heat sinks. i have ran my cpu with and without the shim, there was no difference in temps.

my computer is so fast, it completes an endless loop in less than 4 seconds!
January 15, 2003 3:14:42 AM

Er, yeah, they're not supposed to help conduct heat away from the cpu. Strictly protection from crushing the die from some of the meaty-lookin' heatsinks out there. How on Earth did you install the thing wrong? Most of the Athlon shims I've seen (and use) don't take into account any of the bridges anyway, but mine certainly doesn't interfere w/ my system. Are you sure there wasn't something else interfering to begin with?

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January 15, 2003 3:23:14 AM

I just installed a shim and very little problems. The only problem was when installing the hsf the shim would tend to flip up a little.
January 15, 2003 12:40:42 PM

Try to install the CPU without the shim and clean the surface, make sure there aren't any residual on the CPU. Check if something looks strange (break, melt, etc.)

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