PCI / PCI-E card with SPDIF in & out

I'm looking for either a Sound Card, or an extension card for PCI / PCI-E (prefer PCI, because of the space in my case),
that has SPDIF in & out as RCA jacks. Toslink is out of the question, as it doesn't fit the purpose I need the input for.
But of course both Coaxial and Optical would be nice, but not necessary.
And it has to be a budjet solution, as I can't afford a high-end sound card atm.
A USB solution might do it as well. But a USB sound card that will "overtake" my internal SC, is not an option.. :P
I've tried a USB headset once and that didn't work out well.

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  1. So I need some suggestions.
  2. Most any ASUS card (D1/DX, D2/D2X, Essence ST/STX) or HT Omega card (Striker, Claro) or any Auzentech card (Forte, Prelude)

    The ASUS Xonar D1 or HT Omega Striker probably fit your needs best.
  3. Seems you have misunderstood the main point. I need the SPDIF Input.. as RCA connector / Coaxial.
    Those Xonar D1/DX cards don't have it. D2 ones do have though. But they are way too expensive. And so are the Essence ones.
    The Striker does have the input, but it's an internal 2-pin connector. Adapter cable would be around 10$/€ more.
    But still it seems a bit too expensive. The Auzentech Prelude looks like the best solution, as it has both Coaxial and Optical in the same connector. And it has both In & Out. Price though is again too high...

    So to clarify the things I need:

    Coaxial (RCA) digital input
    Low budjet price.
  4. I found a semi low price option and it's definitely a good quality sound card.
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