USB hub is slow - it connects to 1.1. controller instead of 2.0


My problem is that my new USB hub device (4World with external power supply - 4 ports - is slow. When I connect external disk directly to USB port (on my PC) I got fast speed (20MB/s) but when I connect it through USB hub I got low speed (800kb/s). USB hub seems to be certified for usb 2.0 - at least it is printed on box.
I did some research and via USBInfo program I found out that USB hub connects controller 1.1 (inside my PC) instead of controller 2.0 - I don't know why. Is this the problem?
I have made a picture (USB hub is the one named as GASIA - Generic USB hub)
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  1. I'v tried to connect USB hub to every usb port on my notebook. It's still slow even if external disk is fast in any port on my PC
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