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I'd like to get a new surround sound system, preferably below $800 including the receiver and speakers. Which is the best to get? I want to use them with, my consoles, blu-ray movies, and PC
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  1. Any other suggestions?
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  3. There's nothing that comes close to what the Take 5s provide at $200. Now if you increase your budget, there will be a lot more options.
  4. this looks like a great receiver:

    I can spend a little over $900, this one is only $419.98 right now
  5. Personally on a $900 budget I would recommend no more than $300 on a receiver, but if you are set on that receiver, I think I can squeeze in something for close to 1k. If you pick up the 507 instead of the 607 you can do it in $900.

    507 for $320.

    3 pairs of these:

    Hsu STF-1
  6. I've done some outside research, and so far these are the systems I'm leaning toward



    which one would be better for everything (360 via component, Wii via component, PS3 via HDMI, Fios TV via hdmi, PC via hdmi and music)
  7. any opinions on those?
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