How do I convert Zune files to iPod Format?

I'm trying zune, but when I go to transfer files into itunes, itunes says it can only convert non-protected wma songs. Is there a third party application that can bypass the zune protections?
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  1. You're trying to load songs from a zune pass subscription? That won't work.

    You can buy songs via Zune and they should load just fine. You can't use the zune subscription service though.
  2. So I think zune file is wmv,
    You need convert it to iPod file(mp4)
    Here is how to do
  3. I'm sure AnyConverterX will do this task. And this software is absolutely safe.
    Works for me!
  4. Here is a brief tip about how to get songs from zune to play on iTunes and iPod, hope it helps:)
  5. you need a soft that can unprotect wma files and my recomm is to give audials tunebite a try.
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