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Power strip + surge protector

I have a lot of electronics and I don't like having multiple surge protectors so I was just wondering if it would be safe to get a non-surge protected power strip (like this and plug it into a surge protector (like this so long as the amperages match up?
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  1. Yes you can! However, 1410 Joules of surge protection aint much! But it is better than a plain multi outlet strip.

    I have similar stuff in my room, not much protection, but it just gives me a warm feeling. :)
  2. How many Joules would you say a good surge protector should have?
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    Unfortunately there are no standards for surge protection capacity.

    The are three basic things that can go wrong with AC power; 1) Sag, 2) Spike, and 3) Surge.

    A surge protector will handle minor power surges; these surges occur when devices are switched ON and OFF in the home as well as in the neighborhood.

    A surge protector will not handle any sags. A UPS system will help.

    Spikes will not be handled by a surge protector very well. UPS will help.

    A good analogy is comparing surges to 'High Tides', 'Tidal Waves' and finally the worst 'Tsunami'.

    To summarize, a decent Tripp Lite (or similar) surge protector will be good enough for most home devices.

    During a thunderstorm, UNPLUG devices from the wall outlet. I have more than one computer and it is inconvenient but I do this during thunderstorms. Merely switching them OFF will not be good enough. A Lightning strike can easily jump across terminals in any switch/outlet.

    Here is more information on the topic:
  4. Ok perhaps I will just try to cut down on my crap and just go with a UPS. Thanks :)
  5. UPS will serve you much better than any consumer Surge strip. Good luck!
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