Vizio 42" 60hz vs 120hz for gaming

I'm looking to buy my first LCD HDTV. I'm going to go Vizio for price. I do not watch TV, just play xbox 360 and watch DVDs (not blu-ray). I mainly play Halo Reach and Call of Duty. I've read varying opinions about the best refresh rate for twitch-based multiplayer gaming. Some believe 60hz is better, some say 120hz.

I've done hours and hours of research and have not found a conclusive opinion one way or the other. My fear is the Vizio 42" 120hz model: E420VL would cause game lag with the above mentioned games. There is no game mode on the tv.

The 60hz model might be a safer bet in regards to lag, but looking at both at the store I could see blurring in the 60hz model with the movie the store was showing. Also, the 60hz is the same price as 120 hz right now.

60 hz at Walmart $548 :
120 hz at Costco $549:

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    From what I understand (I am buying a HDTV tomorrow and just finished researching everything) 120 Hz will cause input lag for games, BUT you simply switch to Gaming mode which turns off the 120 Hz (which would be of no benefit to gaming) and then you get the best of both worlds.

    I personally would go with the HDTV from Costco for two reasons.
    1) You get a 120 Hz display for the same price. You might benefit from that on DVDs since you don't watch TV or use Blu-rays.
    2) Buy through Costco you get a warranty for 1 year from the manufacturer and an additional year from Costco for a total of 2 years. From Wal-Mart all you get is the manufacturer warranty for 1 year. For me this is a huge thing, but it comes down to a personal choice issue.

    Also about Blu-ray. I was all anti Blu-ray (I am cost sensitive) but now I that I am getting a HDTV (40" Sony LCD which is my first as well) I am going to set aside some money and see if I can get a good deal for Christmas or Black Friday.
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  3. The best advice is to set any 120Hz or 240Hz HDTV to "Gaming Mode" and if for some reason it does not have "Gaming Mode" then manually switch it to 60Hz.

    "120Hz" and "240Hz" causes the HDTV to do some real time video processing for smoother playback and "improved" video quality (debatable depending on who you speak to). This processing takes time and can dramatically increase input lag which is something you want to avoid. It's like being shot before you even know it.
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