My heatsink doesn't fit on my my processor?

I am currently building a computer, and it seems after i lockdown my cpu on my motherboard, that when i apply the heatsink component and i attempt the put the heatsink on, it fits, but when i try the secure it using the metal attactments one side fits and the other doesn't reach the other side. Help?...
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  1. How much "too short" is it?

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  2. What cpu and heatsink are you using (P4, P4, Athlon, etc)?

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  3. I'm sorry about this post, after relooking at it, i just had to use a flat head screw driver to push it down. But I have another problem! :P, when i try to put in my cd-rw drive, there is nothing to screw it to.. I'm stumped..
  4. Your case might use a rail system for drives, no screws. What brand/model is the case? Do you have a link?

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  5. Sounds like its a case that uses drive rails. Is there some slides on the walls of the 5" slots? check the parts that came with the case and look for some [ shaped slides that have holes in them. These screw into the side of the CD-ROM. If you are missing them, then you need to go to local store and get some.


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  6. Next time u instal a heatsink put the flat screwdriver away. Instead use a 1/4" drive socket screwdriver with a small socket (about 9-10 mm should fit). This way there's no chance that the screwdriver will slit off the attaching hardware and score the motherboard.

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  7. yes that is a very good idea.. that is what i did..

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  8. Another good idea. Use a bent screw driver that's made for pulling nails. It has a Vee, instead of the flat blade normal screw driver. This way the clip is retained between the Vee & can't slip to score the board as well. That's how I do it. My $.02.


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  9. ok i see what your saying... yeah i didn't find to much trouble useing a regular flathead.. but you just gotta be careful about slipping and hitting the MOBO or something.. either way there both good.. just have to be carefull

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