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I just got a AMD Athlon XP 1700+ processor and new mainboard. The computer store said that I can use my memory with it. But my computer is doing nothing when I turn it on. Im replacing my old board and processor as I suspected that tht was the problem.
The memory I am using is 256 megs of PC133 SDRAM. Is this memory ok to use on this processor? Im not findng info on this and the AMD site doesnt say much but it accepts DDR memory. Also if PC133 sdram is ok, what about PC100 sdram? I hve a 64 meg pc100 sdram hip I could useif my 256 chip is burned out till i get a replacement. Is this ok to use?
Thanx everyone.
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  1. Does your motherboard support PC133 Ram? Athlons can run with PC100 and PC133, but the motherboard has to be able to support it.
  2. It's all about your motherboard. The Athlon doesn't care, it'll run on either SDRAM or DDR memory.

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  3. What kind of motherboard are you using?

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  4. If your SDRAM fits into the slot it should be fine. SDRAM is 168 pins, and most DDR is 184 pins, so if the Motherboard has a slot that fits the SDRAM module perfect, then it supports it. If you still fail to boot then listen for some beeps, then check the motherboard manual for a reading on what the error is. Depending on the MB, it may have led's for errors also. If nothing at all happens then I think your MB is either bad, or you didn't plug the PS in correctly to the MB. Check also the studs that the MB rests on, make sure you aren't sitting on one thats in the wrong place, this will ground out your MB. Ive seen this all too often.

    Let us know more info, or if you got it fixed. GL


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  5. I got a ECS brand K7s5a board. It supports both types :). Ya I know its a cheap board I know. But I was not ready for hardware probalems and was low on money. This situation has hit me at the wrong time. But glad to se it will support this. I'll try it and see what happens.
    Thanks all, and happy new year.
  6. Well I got a pc100 64 meg sdram chip in and its still dead. Now I notice that the keyboard lights dont even flash on when i turn on the switch in the back on the power supply.
    I am kind of suspecting the power supply. I just got it and it was marked down. ITs a 350 watt atx power supply. I can hear a very slight noise. when I turn it on. I bet most people wont hear it, but I can hear something.
    I decided to see what voltages I got. I checked them on the old on first. I only got power out of two connectors on the old one, so I checked the voltage out of the same two on the new supply. I did have a difference. On the green wire I only had 2.5 volts whle the old supply I had 4.8. But when I checked the voltage I just unhooked it from the main board and not the drives. So what do you all think? Id say the power, but lik I said I had this still hooked up partially. Anything else I can check such a voltage the the case power switch or anything? I have a digital low impedience meter so it's safe for electronics. And im compfortable and hav some expeirence and taining in electronics.
  7. If your only getting 3v out of the 5v line then you should return that PS and get a new one, preferable a Antec, Enermax, or enlight, they got decent PS with Antec being the best ive ever used. But there is a 3v line as well and 2.8 from that is a little low but still very useable. So the question is, did the 2.8 come from the 3v (to CPU) or the 5v (to PCI slots, IDE devices)? Note that the connector to the MB has both 3v and 5v, while the others should have onyl 5v if im not mistaken. Check those and see what you get.

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  8. Im not sure which pins are which and the voltage Im supposed to et from each one. I don't have a schamatic, but its the green one Im only getting 2.55 volts from and the purple one I get 4.8 volts from. The green should be a 3 volt of 5 volt line?
  9. Got it woking!!! :)
    Apperently the book was wrong. I checked online for schamatics and such and found that the wire with only 2.55 volts was to activate the power supply. So if you ground it the it starts the power supply and runs the fan. Mine did this.
    So I did more research on here and found some vague info on it. Some others ha the same and simular problems. So I pulled the board and looked with a flashlight and seen pwsw I beleive it said at a different spot. Im like ah ha. Double checked with the book and it did conflict with what the book said. So I pluged it in where the board said and wala, it fired up :). What a releife, I got so much work to do and loosing days and the store i closed today as its new years.
    Thanx all for the help and support and happy new years,
  10. this problem sounds alot like what I am experiancing.. unfortunatly I am not experianced. this is our first build. everything seems to be connected correctly when powered up the fans come one everything seems to be powering up but nothing on the monitoror and no lights on the keyboard. I have tried resetting the bios by removing the battery and resetting the jumper . we have a athlon 2000+ with a asus A7N8X delux mobo and an Austin 450 psu(came with chieftec case) looking for any suggestions that might help or give us a direction to go
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