Sony Bravia and basic cable (coax only)

so i have a 40 inch sony bravia flatscreen (KDL-40EX401), when i plug in my timewarner basic cable (just the coax, no cable box) i am able to search and get around 70 digital channels and no analog channels, so i have the HD version of CBS FOX and such plus some lower quality channels like espn and fx (in the 100s)

my friends with similar setup as me gets analog versions of the over air channels plus channels from 11-80 which are basically analog channels (tnt, tbs, usa and such) somehow i don't think my sony tv can find those analog channels, is this because of my tv? (my tv is the newer model than the friend's tv, got all the necessary tuners as well, unless the new sony models took out the analog tuners?)

so anyone had similar problems/know how to fix? should i try to return the tv and get another brand? (friends uses sharp and vizio to get those channels)
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  1. In some markets there is no analog cable transmission - a tuner of some flavor is required. You may also want to go back and check your channel search parameters.
  2. also, as a point of interest, tnt, usa espn etc are not 'over the air' they are analog-level cable channels, but in many markets there no longer is any analog signal at all and it has been transitioned to digital only (similar to the fcc's transition of actual over-the-air broadcast to digital)

    personally i'd never ditch a bravia to get a vizio, are you nuts?? ultimately though, your best bet is to suck it up and spend a little more on your cable subscription to get digital service with hundreds of channels and HD equipment to get the proper picture for your tv, a digital, non-hd channel is 480p at best, if your cable company is good you'll get 1080p with the upgrade i'm suggesting
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