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Wireless network not connected, is the the messege i get, on Lenovo T61 laptop, the driver is installed, in BIOS its enabled, when searching after wireless networks it finds nothing and as i said Wireless network not connected i amrunning XP Pro SP2.

Any help appreciated

Thanks in advance
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  1. Your wireless card's antenna is probably turned off. On the front of your laptop there is a physical switch... verify that it's turned on.
  2. Here's the diagram...


    #4 is the wireless switch.
  3. I noticed that even ie if i didnt mention it, well the light is off but what is wierd that the icon in the task bar for the wireles is there and when double click on it i get the window when cliking to update the wireless network list it dosent find anything.

    I click on FN key and F5 to turn wireless on or off nothing changes the light is of

    any advice apprecaited

    Thanks in advance
  4. It is fixed thanks for your help
  5. That switch is not turning off/on the actual wireless card... just the radio. So when you turn it off, it will still appear in your device manager and the wireless icon will still appear in your system tray. However, the radio is the major source of battery drain... so that's why they give you that switch.

    Glad it worked for you.
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