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I was browsing the AMD website (as you do when you are bored) and happened to come across the what looks like a Athlon 64 TV commerical ?! Whether or not AMD have the money to broadcast it is another matter of course ! Hell the commercial looks very I-MAC'isk and uses the analogy of a 6 lane highway to explain 64bit goodness shame most home users wont even utilise this feature. in the UK we only have 3 lane motorways, so I guess we won't be seeing the advert here. Release the 'Hammer' and lets see some independent benchmarks already !

P.S The best bit of the website is the <A HREF=",,30_118_4699_5707^7823,00.html" target="_new">'Studio 64'</A> section where you get to view video clips of various '<i>visionaries</i>' touting x86-64 and Hammer. These include Nathan Brookwood from Insight64;Roger Kay - IDC; Mike Feibus - TechKnowledge Strategies; Dean McCarron - Mercury Research and Andrew Cross from NewTek.

The best one is of David Cutler (senior engineer at Microsoft), the last line is classic..Heh..<font color=blue><i>"I'm really excited about this chip !"</font color=blue></i> :wink: the cheesy smile at the end ! :smile:

<A HREF=",,30_118_4699_5707,00.html" target="_new">AMD Athlon 64 and AMD Opteron Processor News Homepage</A>

<A HREF="" target="_new">Athlon 64 Commercial</A>

<font color=purple>Ladies and Gentlemen, its...Hammer Time !</font color=purple>
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  1. Wow it processes twice as much data as todays 32bit processors. Looks to me if this hits the TV's AMD has sunk to the Intel marketing scheme. Bigger numbers means bigger performance.


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  2. I think this ad must be for the tech trade shows and stuff the consumer would get bored watching it... Not enough breats or orange men.

    Never pay more that a hundred pound for a component. It just isn't worth it...
  3. Iv'e actually seen an amd athlon 64 broadcast ... i live in sacromento... it was on during ome popular time can't rember was actually suprised to see it.

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  4. Whether the add was bad or not (I know you did not say that), the important thing here is that AMD is actually going to advertise it. This is a major step towards getting more sales. And what I like is that there is no lie here, it is straightforward, no blue men dancing, it informs you that it's a CPU with power, it's an alternative, and the name is out. With such, I think AMD has a chance to sell, albeit they might run again into supply problems like when they commercialized the Athlon at first.

    But, overall, if this add appears nationally in Canada and USA on TV, then this is a great step for AMD, as the Hammer is already on a bumpy road.

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  5. Gimme 3 hours, I make a much better ad. Seriously, it sucks, and I can just picture the lady speaking sitting in some studio reading off a sheet, and finally looking up to see is she said it well. Also, isn't it 2^32vs 2^64, not 32 vs 64?

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  6. I agree with you. This ad sucks

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  7. The commercial does sucks. But indeed it is better than nothing. Hopefully they can make some better commercials later...
  8. It's still better than blue men, at least it delivers a message, it's the least we want from AMD if they are to advertise. It may suck to most of us, but this is more than spoon feeding for Joes watching football!

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  9. im in sacramento too, i have not seen the ad. was it a local channel or cable/sattelite?

    my computer is so fast, it completes an endless loop in less than 4 seconds!
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