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FIOS - what channels can I get without the STB?

Verizon just finished laying their fiberoptic cable in my neighborhood in Woodbridge, VA and are now stuffing my mailbox with offers of HDTV plus highspeed Internet, for the low low price of $70 a month. More channels incl. HD channels and faster Internet that what I currently get with Comcrash (whom I detest anyway due to their sneaky fees), who charges me $110 a month for the two services. However I now have 4 HDTVs and 4 regular TVs in my house (yeah, I know - we're professional couch potatoes here :P). Anyway an HD set top box rents for $10 a month, an SD STB goes for $3 a month. Altogether that's $52 a month just for the STBs.

So I call up Verizon and the salesman tells me I can't get any channels without the STB, but the website says I can get "local" channels without the STB.

Anybody here with actual experience on this issue? Not only do I hate having too many remotes around, but the extra cost doesn't seem worth it to me as I mainly watch DVDs and BDs - it's the rest of the family that can't live without American Idoze, Dancing with the Idiots, etc.. :D.
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    a) comcast, verizon etc ALL have what you term "sneaky fees" are only sneaky if you're too stupid to read your bill and too lazy to call the company.

    b) your price with comcast is probably "regular price" rather than a promo price, call them and ask for a promo and odds are you'll get a better rate.

    c) fios will require a contract, and their termination fee (if you find that it's ultimately more expensive or not as good or whatever the case), is $350. no joke, $350.

    d) the answer to your actual question, the sales guy is correct you get 0 with no STB with fios
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