Enable Backlight in Webcam PK-720MJ (A4-Tech)

how can i enable the back light function in the A4-Tech Webcam model PK-720MJ?
there is nothing mention in the manual i have tried every thing to enable it but i seems i am unable to do tht?please if any one using the same model or knows how to enable the backlight of the webcam pls do help me out
wait for your reply thx to all
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  1. pls guys help me out pls i have even email the support website 5 times now but no response from them its really weird how they behaving right now pls i guys i need ur help on this issue plssssssssss
  2. There is no backlight in 720MJ
    some other model have light,
    but this is the best in webcams of this price, i have tested about 10 cams from a4tech and other
  3. thanks shoaib but can u also tell me which a4tech webcam got back light feature in it please appreciate it
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