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i have an intel DG31PR board..i thought about connecting my 5.1 samsung home theatre system to my pc so i bought an rca cable and plugged the cable into the aux in and then plugged it in the audio jack in my board..but the problem is that the front speakers and the woofer are only playing..the others are all muted (center,2 rear speakers) everything is okay with the dvd i tested the speakers they all are is it the sound card or smthn else?
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  1. Whatever media player you are using probably does not have Dolby Digital decoding capability. What you need to do is download AC3Filter and get a media player like Media Player Classic and configure it to pass through surround sound.
  2. well am using itunes 9.1 will it work if i download AC3filter?
  3. oh! and btw...its not working in games also..the 2 front speakers are only working
  4. ac3 filter ddnt work sry but am null in sound if u can tell me what to do..exactly ill be rly thankful:)
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