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Which is better-- Casio EX-S8 or Casio Ex-Z800?

I want a Casio for Christmas. I've narrowed it down to two & don't know which to choose. I have a 2 1/2 whom doesn't like to stay still for picture taking. So, I want a camera that will take good pictures even with a toddler moving (or bouncing off the walls) around. I would also like a camera that takes fast pictures. With the Sony camera I have now, I have to wait several seconds before taking the next picture... thus missing some good shots. I'm looking to buy a Casio. I've narrowed it down to two-- Casio EX-S8 and Casio Ex-Z800. Which should I choose? Your help is appreciated! Thank you!
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    Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums!

    The "terrible twos" are a great time for all!

    I would steer you clear away from the Casios and towards the Nikon Coolpiks.
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