C1 vs B0 stepping

After reading a couple posts I thought I would start a thread to distinguish the two..feel free to correct me if im wrong..

Processor stepping refers to the build cycle on any given processor. There are three CPU properties: megahertz, current requirements, and the build cycle.

A step is nothing more than a build cycle that is used to decrease faults and impurities in the chip itself. There can be finite differences in the resulting pin outs. Current is supplied to the CPU via the VRM (voltage regulator module). The VRM is a programmable module that receives instruction on the current requirement from the VID (voltage ID) which is strapped onto the CPU during the Megahertz process of the build.

Just so happens C1 stepping is the latest build from intel and people and reviewers report better overclocking through this new build over the older BO stepping. The C1 stepping processor also runs on a 1.525V default while the B0 is 1.5V
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  1. Isn't it funny how their "improved" processors clock better, after they raise the voltage?

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