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Cant find olympus camera connected tp pc

Hello Support,
I have recently purchased an Olympus Pen Mini E-PM1.
After taking great stills and videos I now seem to have a problem with uploading/transfering images from camera to my PC.
The fault with promptn I get is "Can't find an Olympus camera connectd to PC" it seems others are have problems as well.
I still haven't resolved this, if you can advise to a succesful solution, I would be very much appreacite it it, Thank You.

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    Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums!

    A couple of hours ago, I attached (USB) my Nikon DSLR to a newer PC for the first time. The OS (Win Vista on this PC) searched for the driver, downloaded the driver, and instructed me to restart the computer.

    After restarting the computer, I was able to download the photos without a hitch.

    I normally use my other PC (Win 7) for downloading (transferring) pics from my camera to the PC.

    You need to download and install the driver from the manufacturer's website, for your particular camera make and model. Then restart the computer, and connect the camera to the PC.
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