Will AMD Hammer itself to death in 2003 ?

Yep this will be the make or break time for AMD. With the economy looking pretty poor and the threat of war AMD's already failing profits this year might well leave AMD with a broken back.

I personally dont think AMD will be able to ramp up production of thier Hammer chips quickly enough and it will be until 2004 before Athlon 64 becomes competitive enough on the price/performance ratio front. Yep I reckon overall bin split for Barton and Hammer will be 50/50 by Q4.

If AMD stick to thier roadmap they might just survive otherwise it will be a downhill road for them. AMD has to push Hammer as hard as they can i.e ramping up performance quickly and lowering prices accordingly. Unfornately I reckon Athlon 64 will be very expensive intially and make buyers flock towards the cheaper Barton solution.

All the K8 motherboards are starting to gather dust while AMD are still sorting out launch dates and production lines, heck we haven't even seen Barton chips in the shops yet.

Do something quick AMD before its too late...

<font color=purple>Ladies and Gentlemen, its...Hammer Time !</font color=purple>
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  1. yeah after this xp2800+ system i am in progress of building, i think it's either P4 time for me.. or unless this athlon 64 really hits it off big time.

    Is THG Slightly Slacking??
  2. Yeah, this is indeed the decision, whether the Hammer Falls or Breaks. It's a win or lose situation, and in fact it is more axed on the lose, by 10%.
    Let us hope nothing happens, so that competition remains available.

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  3. Don't count em out yet. It's a tough road, but don't count em out yet.


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  4. Well if it helps, I'll buy myself a hammer, and if it works well and fast, maybe I get my dad's co to buy several hundred of em....

    "If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough."
    - Mario Andretti
  5. you will need to buy a few Thousand to save them... or compete with the P4 sales

    Is THG Slightly Slacking??
  6. Their survival won't depend on any one person buying several thousand. Yes, they need to sell thousands, but if 30-50 people buy a few hundred, that is 9-15 thousand CPU's sold.

    I think it is good that some people still try to support AMD by commiting to buy their products. Everyone says they hope that AMD doesn't die, but it seems like a very small percentage actually buy their products. They need support from people's wallet more than from their voice.

    I am very happy with nVidia for releasing a great chipset. At least among enthusiasts, I think that CPU sales have finally stopped moving towards all Intel. I just bought an nForce2 motherboard myself. So I am not too worried about AMD right now. A lot of People will want to upgrade to the Barton core on their nForce2 motherboards before switching to Intel again (if they do switch)
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