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Me has $200 for an upgrade

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January 3, 2003 4:30:58 AM

What is the bestest bang for the buck, better MB (NForce2, KT400...) and cheaper CPU or cheaper mobo and faster CPU? I am kind of in the middle here, or maybe spend $50 more and get both, but I need DDR stick as well for $50.

Coz now all I have left is 266@300 P2 :{

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January 3, 2003 6:15:24 AM

Best Bang for buck;

Athlon XP 1700+ retail $60
MSI K7N415 Pro $75 to $80
Kingston 256 MB PC2100 CL2.5 DDR $60

This mobo is fast and very stable (based on nForce 415-D). Bonus- great onboard audio. Selling for $75 to $80 at pricewatch.

Let us know what is the Best Chipset of 2002 in your eye.<A HREF="" target="_new"> Click </A>
January 3, 2003 6:31:28 AM

You can also get NForce 220 and 420 boards for $70-$130. Built in geForce MX graphics could be considered a step up if you are use to PII performance. Well within the given budget.

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January 3, 2003 8:08:16 AM

The thing is that I have sold all my P3 and Athlon puters (3), and now sitting with my old 2k server box.

I have all the drives, ok video (MX400), CDRs and all the stuff like that sitting around, but I just need something good for a year or two as far as bear bone goes (mobo+CPU+mem) for my kid play (WinME) and my wife business stuff (Win2kPro dualbooting), cos I am on the road all the time, and need something stable (nForce2 would be nice) and when money will be no issue (I wish ;)  be able to put something faster into mobo)

But there are cheaper KT333 boards and SIS745(very stable) one's which are ok for performance too, and saved money could go to mem or CPU, so I am thinking what would be the bestest bet now, but good for an upgrade later.
January 3, 2003 1:53:04 PM

I would agree... but I just bought that motherboard myself (to build someone elses computer). I got the Leadtek K7NCR18D-Pro for $114, and 512MB OCSystem PC2700 CL2/CAS2 DDR for $124. Together with an AXP 2000+ retail for $87.

I just hope it all works well. Leadtek isn't known for motherboards (for obvious reasons), but it is a great chipset and it is cheaper than other brands.

Anyway, for a computer that is just going to get you by, I would stick with 256MB of RAM which would allow you to afford a CPU and stay under $250
January 4, 2003 2:39:54 AM

I just ordered an EPoX 8RDA (not +) for $103, XP 1700 - $57, and 256 MB 2100 Crusial for $56 = $216.

Found cheap (and one of the best) nForce2 mobo (wow), so I think it is a good upgradable setup to get by for a year or so.

Thanks for help.

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