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Ok so here's the problem, I currently have comcast cable....basic+ so I have no boxes. I have 6 TVs in the house running through a splitter with 2 amplifiers. Everything works just fine.

Along comes comcast and they are converting to a digital format, NOW I HAVE to have one of their converter boxes for every single TV. They will give me 2 for free then I get to pay for every single one every month after that. That sucks.

Does anyone make a box to convert the comcast signal from digital to analog so I don't need the boxes and extra money every month? I here the signal is "encoded" and they have to send a signal down to unlock every box you have. Any help would be nice.

If you don't want to post an answer in a public forum I'm at Thanks!

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  1. This issue was around for awhile and just went away. Read away, good luck:
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