Netflix and HDCP...

Forgive me if I am not posting this in the correct section here, I have searched high and low on this problem with no solution apparently available. My problem is this:
I have a Yamaha receiver (RX-463), A new Sony bravia 46" LCD, a ps3, an xbox 360, and an HTPC. The PS3 and Xbox I have running to the receiver for HDMI passthrough out to the TV. Everything was working just fine for about two months, then blammo. "Secure HDCP link not found" for BOTH the Xbox and PS3, but ONLY when trying to view Netflix, or trying to access the online stores for both the Xbox and PS3.

All of my components are very new, (Less than 1 yr old), and I have exhausted myself disconnecting and reconnecting everything to try and get this stupid HDCP handshake to occur correctly. I've removed the receiver from the equation, no dice. I've reset the TV countless times, same with the other devices. I would agree that it may be an issue with the television set itself, except Blu-Ray playback from the PS3 works flawlessly, as well as DVD playback from the Xbox also works flawlessly. An item working for a given time period then suddenly ceasing to function would obviously point to a hardware malfunction, but as I mentioned, ONLY Netflix and the online stores seem to be affected...

I'm completely stumped here. I've searched the interwebz high and low and am just at a loss.

...ranting ensues...
I just don't understand this HDCP content crap, they are actually FORCING me to pirate the things I can LEGALLY watch, such as movies and TV shows since this whole DRM mess is obviously at the root of my problem.
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  1. If Bluray works then your TV is HDCP compliant. The problem is likely to be with Net flix.(you removed receiver w/ same prob.) Try using Netflix with your HTPC, should work as well as the xbox.(go to and sign in)

    Just a note, HTCP inhibits theft by using encription. Netflix pays hollywood and you pay netflix, no theft there.
  2. I just want to add that Ive had the SAME exact problem with my setup, I have an older tv but still has hdmi and right around the same time you posted this I started getting the same BS, except my ps3 wouldnt display at all and the xbox does everything but netflix/zune. I do not want to take the quality loss of switching to component and guess what? everything worked perfectly for over a year before now! what the sam hell is going on w/netflix?
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