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Computer Problems

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January 3, 2003 9:44:06 AM

My computer was working perfectly, then one day my computer started to lock-up in games. So i decided to format my HDD's and start again. When i tried to re-install Windows (XP) i started running into all sorts of problems.

1st. Whenever i put the CD in the drive to boot off of it, it would get past the initial loading of the drivers, and try to load the windows setup, before bringing up a critical stop message and no longer proceeding, i found if i disabled the on-board RAID, this was no longer a problem, however when i first built the system the RAID controller was enabled and i had no problems.

2nd. After this in the actual copying of the files to the HDD it would bring up messages saying that it could not read certain files on the CD, so i thought, maybe the CD is stuffed, so i got my friends Windows XP cd, it did the same thing, so i thought, maybe my CD-ROM is stuffed, so i put my old spare one in and it did the same thing.

3rd. If i skip the files, and just continue without them, windows will continue the install, load once, and then never load again.

What i have tried:
I have tried using a different Windows XP CD, i have tried using a different CD-ROM, i have removed his modem and network-card, as well as disabling his on-board audio and RAID, i have tried removing one HDD, i have two in thier, and installing it to the different HDD, i have reset the bios also to no avail.

If anyone has any idea how to help me it would be greatly appreciated, this computer was working perfectly then all of a sudden it just started to lock-up, does this sound like a heat issue? it runs at around 60 degrees celcius, i tried installing a better HSF but it still runs at 60 degrees, HSF is a volcano 7+ currently, and still running at 60 degrees, i dont think a heat issue would cause all of the errors i am getting though. I also have two sunon 5000RPM case fans inside the box. Even with the case off it runs at 60 degrees, could the reporting tool be wrong? i am also using Arctic Silver on the heatsink.

System Specs are as Follows.
AMD Atlhon XP 2000+
Epox 8K3A+
256MB Kingmax DDR333
Leadtek Geforce 3 Ti-200

I am stumped, i have no idea!

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January 3, 2003 11:36:44 AM

This sounds like a memory issue to me. At least the symptoms are very simalar to other bad memory stick cases. Get in your bios and turn off the fast boot option. THis will enable the memory test on boot-up. See what it says. Whatever it says you could borrow a stick from a friend and try it out. Good luck.

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January 3, 2003 1:35:15 PM

I have seen this twice now. Most recently it was memory related, a bad stick of generic RAM, but previously I've seen it due to a bad IDE channel on the mobo.

I'd try memory first, it's the most likely.
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January 3, 2003 6:09:41 PM

Try removing your ram and cleaning the contacts with rubbing alcohol. I had that exact same problem on a friend's computer and the contacts had become "dirty" (I don't know how but it fixed the problem so...). Give it a shot...

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January 3, 2003 9:01:39 PM

Thanks for all your help people, i borowed my borther RAM out of his computer and placed it inot my computer, it installed windows XP perfectly without a hitch.

My only question is what could have caused this, i have tried cleaning the contacts but it did not work, a power surge?

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January 3, 2003 11:37:55 PM

Who knows. Stray voltage? It only takes about 1/8 of the little shock that you get when sliding your feet on carpets.

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