Sony vaio recovery partition appears empty.(solved)

I bought a Vaio NW series and I for my own good I burned recovery DVDs... After that I tried to locate the hidden recovery partition by system managment... that I saw was that the partition space is 12Gb but the free space in this partision is also 12gb... Is this usual? It is possible after recovery DVD creation the hard disk recovery data to be deleted... or the used space is also hidden?
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    You could try changing the your folder view options to "show hidden files" via the tool menu in any window and have a better look to be sure. I wouldn't think that the files would be deleted after burning a recovery DVD or two though. If it isn't there, at least you have the DVD's.
  2. Thank you buwish as you said the files don't deleted after burning.... I try to recover my OS and the recover runs properly... from HD partition.
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