Digital coax cable into analog speaker?

Hello,if I use a digital coax cable output split into rca jacks for input to an analog speaker, will I still get good analog quality?
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  1. the better the cable, the less chance it will pick up noise, in the background.

    the loss in quality from jack convertors, is really negliglible, so long as it is good.
  2. I't probably okay to use coax to link an analog output to an analog input.

    Is the speaker amplified ? If not, and the signal is line level it won't be audible.
  3. well obvisouly the speaker must be amplified, or else u wont be able to anything at all will u, no matter what wire. unless u want to hear a speaker pumping >5mA
  4. I have several pairs of unamplified speakers.

    Anyway, I think the main issue is whether the output he's trying to connect is analog or digital.
  5. there really shuld be nothign wrong, with input/output connectors.
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