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Ok so I just got the logitech z5500 speakers. But i already have headphones that are 5.1 and plug into the 3.5mm jacks on my soundcard....would I be able to use a SPDIF cable to hook my speakers up and keep the headset plugged into the 3.5mmjacks? then all i would have to do is switch the output in windows to switch between the two.....Is the toslink cable gonna give me the 5.1 still for the speakers and isnt the toslink better quality then the 3.5mm jacks?
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  1. No, the headphone out on the Z-5500s only has 1 output, not 3, so it's impossible to get surround.
  2. what i meant was i would have both the headphones and the z5500s connected to the soundcard at the same time.....I would have the 5.1 headphones connected via the 3.5mm jacks and the z5500 speakers connected via SPDIF......would using a digital connection like the toslink cable give me better audio quality over the analog 3.5mm jacks?
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