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Hello, I have a laptop which has had windows Vista and Windows 7. The speakers used to work and one day they just stopped. External speakers plugged in work, so I know the sound card and its drivers are good and there are no setting problems like volume's or mute's. I have tried everything from searching the bios to formatting. I think a wire must have gone bad. If the speakers died they would sound blown I think. Anyone have anything similar happen?

This is an Acer 4520, thank you
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  1. Acer's have a propensity to have some heat issues. Chances are a wire going from the sound card to the speakers fried, especially if the processor or some other high heat producing component is near by. If you have it under warranty, I'd send it in and get it fixed. If not, well, the job can be done, but working on laptop's is a PITA in my opinion.
  2. I fixed it. I popped plate off the speaker area and pushed them so they became unstuck. I also made sure wires were pushed in by removing different areas and following the sound card wires to the mother board.
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