Nikon DB700 or Vivitar 383 or Cannon?

Hi guys,

have you got any drawbacks to say on these digital cameras?

I just got a Nikon d5100 and I am falling in love with photography all over again. The issue is that I already have a Nikon n80 film camera with a few AF lenses and an SB28 Nikon flash. I am getting ready to buy a flash for the d5100 and I'm looking at 2. The SB700 and the Viv 383.

My question is: What am I giving up if I choose the 383 over the SB700?

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  1. Get a Nikon dedicated through the lens metering flash for the Nikon camera.
  2. Ubrales, thanks for the reply.
  3. What did you end up getting?
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