Copy Protection problem with CD ripping

Having a problem ripping some of my cd's. Currently running Win XP. When I rip the song the mp3 skips and repeats.

This is a result of Sony's copy protection software from 2005 period. I have loaded none of their malicious software onto my system and I've also stopped autorun when the cd loads, by holding shift down. however I am unable to get a non skip mp3 to rip from the disc.

I remember it used to be possible to bypass this by disabling autorun but that doesn't seem to work here. Is there another option I might try ?

Im looking for a reliable program that will rip the files and convert them to mp3's for me. I saw some other threads mention ISObuster and cloneCD but that takes nameless files and converts them to waves and then I have to convert them to mp3 with something else, and then enter artist and album infor for each one. which is a bit too much hassle if I can find an easily solution.

Any tips would be much appreciated
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  1. If your player can (like the iPods) use folders, the programs you mention in your last para won't present a major problem.

    Okay, you won't have song titles but you will have the tracks grouped as albums (as folders).

    Many of my files are from my vinyl collection and I can't be bothered with tagging -- which rules out using some players. Work fine on those that obviously support folders and, now, work on my LG touchscreen player if I select File instead of Music in the main menu.
  2. Get NERO it will do everything you want.
  3. What I was searching for was a program that would grab the album track data and then rip and convert the files to mp3s, while also bypassing the copy protection on certain discs. On one or two discs typing in the info woudln't be a problem but I have hundreds that I need to copy.

    I had hoped there was some change I could make so that wmp or media monkey wouldn't read the fake TOC files when it reads the disc

    I've not used nero in a while and never for cd ripping, but I'll DL it now and give it a try.

    if that doesn't work or if anyone else has any tips or suggestions I'd really appreciate hearing them
  4. Or the analogue way. Get Audio input-output cable, stick it in the audio and mic hole,
    get a program to record from analogue audio, and save as MP3. Use to do that ages ago.

    If its a relatively famous piece, dont bother ripping it from a CD. Instead search on youtube and download it as mp3.
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