My soundcard cannot be detected

I hope this is the right category. I ujst changed my motherboard to a MSI P55 CD53 and I also use a Sapphire 5850 with Windows 7. I also have an old creative audigy soundcard that was working yesterday before i changed my system to the current one. My system cannot detect this soundcard. There is absolutely no way to install drivers for this soundcard and there is absoltuey no sound when I plug my speakers (Green wire to green socket). I'm forced to use onboard sound for now. PLease help me out. thanks.

- Marius
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  1. check your bios if anything b4 u try anythign else.
  2. sorry for sounding so noob but what exactly do i look out for in bios?
  3. well if u have integrated audio, check that it is diasbled, in ure bios.
  4. argh i cant find it in my bios

    Edit: crap i realised there is a soundcard forum. should this be moved?
  5. no not really.
    well im not to judge tbh
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