400 FSB CPU into a 533 Board ?

Can I put a 400 FSB P4 2.0GHZ into a 533 FSB motherboard ? Will it cause damage or poor stability ? Do I have to do anything with setting the bus speeds in the BIOS? Thanks.
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  1. Yes you can put a 400MHz FSB P4 (aka P4a) into a mobo that supports a 533MHz FSB. And no you can't damage the board or cause instability. The default settings in the BIOS will set the FSB to 100. If you wanted to you could raise the FSB to 133 and it'll probably run at 2.66! Voila! A 2.66 for the price of a 2.0!

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  2. Agreed, It just leaves a little room for a better processor when the price drops a bit more....

    You should have no problems as long as you doublecheck all your settings, and ensure that they are correct.

    Good luck!!!

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