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My printer says paper is jammed when it isnt

I have a cannon pixma ip3600 printer, lately it has been saying there is paper jammed inside of it but i have checked it and i cant find any, i have tried reinstalling it but with no luck. It wont even show me the print head so i cant replace my empty ink cartridges!!! any help will be greatly appreciated.

P.s i have searched for an answer but have not been able to find one that works.
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  1. Are you sure there isn't a piece of paper lodged in there someplace? The sensor seems to detect something with the message on for some reason.
  2. i am ure there is no obviouse peices logged in there
  3. Oh sorry, then. I bet you are annoyed when that is suggested, huh?

    I am not sure then what you can do. Does the printer have a reset button? If so, maybe try pressing it before you print something.

    Other than that idea, I found a link that you might try:

    Edit: 'Just found this idea: turn the printer upside down and shake it.... other ideas are mentioned:

    Good luck.
  4. nah im not annoyed any suggestion is helpful thanks for finding those links for me, sadly my printer doesn't have a reset button but it would be helpful if it did :)
    i will try and find that sensor, it could be stuck which makes it say there is paper jammed when there isn't so i might just open her up and take a look, and ill also see if there is anything obvious that is causing the problem.
  5. Try blowing it out with a can of duster. There is likely dust or a small piece of paper lodged in there.
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    "Paper may be jammed if the Rear Cover is not closed completely. Push the Rear Cover until it is closed completely" is what has been said on

    Hope this helps :)
  7. Thanks for all of the help everyone sadly i have not been able to rectify the problem guess its time to take it back to the store , thanks again :)
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